Let's double the impact of your giving.

Now your philanthropy can do twice as much good.
DoubleImpact is a donor advised fund that makes it easy to manage your charitable assets and - before you give - to invest them in Israel's people and economy.

Our vision

The DoubleImpact Fund is a donor advised fund powered by IsraelGives that makes it easy to give, and invest, your philanthropy.

Jewish communities, foundations, and families hold more than $300 billion in philanthropic assets. Every year, they donate about 5% of these funds - $15 billion - creating an amazing impact on charities in Israel. But what about the other 95% of charitable assets? Shouldn't there be a way to deploy them for good as well?

DoubleImpact is a donor advised fund that makes it easy to strategically plan, manage, and distribute your philanthropy to charities And before you distribute, we make it easy for you to invest your account funds, in ways that do good for your bottom line, and for Israel. That's doubling the impact of your philanthropy.


Managed by Donor Advised Funds

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

It's like a bank account for your philanthropy

DoubleImpact - a donor advised fund - is like a bank account for your charity. Create an account online, in ten minutes or less. For every deposit that you make into your account, you receive a charitable tax-receipt. Track and manage your balance, and invest your assets to create a double impact.

And then when you're ready, with the help of our expert advisors or on your own, donate your account funds online to any local or Israeli charity.

How It Works

Here's how to set up your DoubleImpact account

Depending on the tax-receipt that you'll like to receive, create an American, Canadian, or Israeli DoubleImpact account - online, in 10 minutes or less.

1. Deposit

Deposit funds into your DoubleImpact account.

2. Invest

Choose how you'd like to invest those funds in Israel.

3. Donate

Donate online to thousands of local or Israeli charities.



Impact Israel

Connecting you with Israel as never before

Amazing, inspiring things are happening in Israel.

Tell us the type of causes that you care about and every week we'll send you updates from your favorite charities, and from new, dynamic organizations that you might not yet have heard of. Need help? Get personalized support to help you decide where and how to give.

  • Get personal support from our philanthropic advisors
  • Send messages directly to your favorite causes
  • Donate online to any of Israel's 50,000 nonprofits

Experience the amazing things that you can do with your DoubleImpact account

Instant account

Create an account online in
10 minutes or less.

Deposit methods

Deposit to your account by credit card, direct debit, check, wire transfer, or stock and securities.


On every deposit, get a U.S., Canada, Israel, or U.K. charitable tax-receipt.

Invest your assets

Invest your assets in ways that do good and impact Israel's economy and its people.


Get updates and stories from your favorite causes and from ones we think you'd like to meet.

Consulting and advice

Our experts are here to help you make the best impact with your assets and philanthropy.

Donate online

Search and donate to 1.5 million US and 50,000 Israeli non-profit organizations and campaigns.

Recurring and future giving

Schedule recurring donations or plan donations for upcoming holidays and birthdays.

Gift cards and vouchers

Order and distribute print and digital charity gift cards and giving vouchers.

User access

Create user access for your family members and advisors.

Additional funds

Create additional funds for yourself and for family members.

Live chat and support

Get real-time live-chat help through your phone or PC.

Our Leadership

Our leadership help to guide and steer the DoubleImpact iniative

Jonathan Ben-Dor

CEO, IsraelGives, Giving.Technology

Steering Committee

Yaron Keidar

Former Israel Registrar of Charities

Legal Advisor, Israel

Daniel Wirzberger

CIO, Pearl Manor Capital

Investment Committee

Matti Munk

Managing Director at Comforte Capital

Investment Committee

Mark Chess

Managing Partner, FinTLV Ventures

Investment Committee

Iris Stark

Former Chairperson, Israel CPA association

Legal consultant, Israel

Dan Dobry

Chairman, Israel Union of Financial Planners

Steering Committee

About us

DoubleImpact is powered by IsraelGives,
Israel's most trusted website for giving


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Your DoubleImpact account

Log into your account, or create your account online in 5 minutes or less. The account that you create should be determined by the type of charitable tax-receipt that you require.

You'll be creating a DoubleImpact account powered by America Gives (EIN: 26-3383926), a U.S. 501c3 non-profit who will issue you a U.S. charitable tax-receipt on all of your deposits.

Create an account Log in

You'll be creating a DoubleImpact account powered by Canada Charity Partners (CRA: 818335390RR0001), a Canadian charity who will issue you a Canadian charitable tax-receipt on all of your deposits.

Create an account Log in

You'll be creating a DoubleImpact account powered by IsraelGives Foundation (580484681), an Israeli amuta who will issue you a Section 46 charitable tax-receipt on all of your deposits.

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